Staying in Barcelona’s Gayxample


Gayxample is an area located in the district of Eixample, and it can be characterized by its excellent gay-friendly gastronomic offer and gay-friendly hotels and leisure venues.

This has not only become a typical urban neighborhood for homosexuals, but is also the preferred area in Barcelona for people with a certain purchasing power, as services offered here are usually exclusive and of high quality.

In addition to this, many events are being organized in this area of Barcelona, and these events are not just well-known in Europe, but famous all over the world. Events aim to give the gay collective a podium and to promote tolerance for all sexual orientations.

Today, this article by ShBarcelona will share some of the places you can stay at in Gayxample.

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Accommodation options in Gayxample

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Gayxample is the name that is given to the centre of Eixample, and ever since the end of the 20th century there has been a huge increase in shops, bars and leisure venues for homosexuals.

Gayxample is located between Carrer de Balmes, Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, Carrer de Comte d’Urgell and Carrer d’Aragó.

In addition to specialized shops, fashion boutiques, restaurants and nightlife venues aimed at homosexuals, there are also hotels, spas, saunas, and tourist accommodation that target this group. In 2003 the first hetero-friendly gay hotel in the world actually opened its doors here.

The area in Barcelona has now become one of the focal points of gay tourism, especially when you consider leisure and nightlife options. There are many ways to stay in this area of the Catalan capital, and we will share a few of them with you:

Tourist accommodation

Tourist accommodation is one way of staying in Barcelona, and this type of accommodation has increased greatly in the last couple of years. It offers the best features and possibilities, and there is a price for every person and budget.

You can find many apartments in the Gayxample area, and most of them are for tourist purposes. Buildings in this part of Eixample are generally spacious and elegantly decorated. They have high ceilings and are nice and bright.

Booking tourist accommodation has many advantages: they provide independency, comfort and exclusivity. You will be able to fully experience the city of Barcelona and its locals. This way you will get a more realistic view of the city, and prices are also more competitive than with other types of accommodation.

You can check out a few tourist apartments in Gayxample to get an idea of all the benefits they offer.

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Axel Hotel Barcelona

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The Axel Hotel is located in the heart of the Gayxample neighbourhood, and it is surrounded by the coolest places in the city. The Axel Hotel is a hotel with style, it has design finishes and its rooms are very comfortable.

There is a certain cosmopolitan air to this hotel, and you get excellent value for money here. This hetero-friendly accommodation is an urban, trendy and fun hotel, and it offers a wide range of extra and exclusive services to choose from.

The Corner Hotel

The Corner Hotel is the result of the remodelling of one of the most representative buildings in Eixample. It is a sober, elegant and modern hotel. It is centrally located and very comfortable.

The hotel combines older materials with modern elements, in order to achieve an urban, cosmopolitan design. It welcomes its visitors in a friendly and functional manner, which is typical for Barcelona, and this is a good place to stay after enjoying a long day of shopping, visiting museums, having a drink on a terrace or doing business.

Do you already know the Gayxample area? Any advice?