Barcelona with kids


Best Schools in Gràcia

When you move to a new city with your family and children, you will want to know what schools there are in the area you will be living in. Not only do we value the opinions of other parents, we also check the facilities when there is an open day, want to know about teaching […]

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The Best Playgrounds in Barcelona

Children love to play in parks with other children. They enjoy the swings and being outside, they can release some of their adrenaline. In any urban city, playgrounds are of vital importance for families, so that children can go outdoors and play. For this exact reason many parents choose to live in an area where […]

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Christmas Activities For Kids In Barcelona

The Christmas season is a magical time, one full of activities for children to enjoy to the maximum. The lights, the Christmas carolers, the energy in the city, the presents to come, the upcoming winter vacation…. When you’re a kid, what’s not to love about this time of year? Besides the naturally beautiful and enchanting […]

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Decorating your child’s room

One of the things prospective parents look forward to with the most excitement is decorating the bedroom where their little one will sleep. The majority of decor for these rooms is centered around calmness and tranquility to allow for a peaceful and refreshing night of sleep, something very important for new babies (as well as […]

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Back to school shopping in Barcelona

With little time left before end of summer and the start of a new school year, there are a variety of things to prepare for this change. Textbooks, uniforms, school supplies… there are so many things to figure out it can seem overwhelming. Going back to school is always an exciting time for children, and […]

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Best Nurseries in Gracia

For residents with children, especially those who are toddlers or entering the pre-school years, finding the right nursery may be a tough decision because you want your child to be safe and have the best education possible. Some of the more notable nurseries could be far out in a different area of Barcelona rather than […]

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