Fotonostrum: L’Eterna Bellezza

From May 19 to July 30, 2023FotoNostrum Mediterranean House of PhotographyC/ de la Diputació, 48, 08015 Barcelonawww.fotonostrum.comAbove: Rosalía by Paolo Roversi in the 2020 Pirelli Calendar. © Paolo Roversi, 2019. The first Pirelli Calendar exhibition in Barcelona opens at FotoNostrum at Calle de la Diputació 48 , near Plaza España. The exhibition, titled L’Eterna Bellezza, […]

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Graphic Constellation: Young Women Authors of Avant-garde Comics

Young Women Authors of Avant-garde Comics at CCCB showcases the creative universes of Bàrbara Alca, Marta Cartu, Genie Espinosa, Ana Galvañ, Nadia Hafid, Conxita Herrero, María Medem, Miriampersand and Roberta Vázquez. In their work, the nine artists cast a critical and humorous eye over themes within the millennial experience, such as economic and job insecurity, […]

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FotoNostrum: Joan Alsina and Robert Doisneau

Joan Alsina is the first Catalan photographer to exhibit at FotoNostrum. The Robert Doisneau exhibition is on loan from the Atelier Robert Doisneau, managed by his daughters. It is the first time that it has been exhibited in Barcelona. FotoNostrum presents two exhibitions that share space and time, but with two different visions of art: […]

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Nuclio Digital School and Damm hold a networking day with keynote speeches for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Nuclio Digital School, the second largest business school in Spain, will hold a networking day for entrepreneurs and managers with masterclasses included on the 29th of November from 19:00 to 21:00, at the McCann building in Barcelona. The event, sponsored by Estrella Damm, will focus on the digital transformation of professionals and corporations, and will […]

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World Press Photo 2022 at CCCB

November 4th to December 11th at the Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona (CCCB). The exhibition, organized for the eighteenth consecutive year by the Fundación Photographic Social Vision with the co-production of the CCCB and the collaboration of the Banco Sabadell Foundation, exhibits the winning works of the latest edition of the World Press Photo contest […]

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Modernitat de Gabriel Casas i Galobardes

“Modernitat de Gabriel Casas i Galobardes” is an exhibition produced by the Fundació Palau, sponsored by Núria Casas i Formiguera, with the collaboration of the National Archive of Catalonia and curated by the writer Julià Guillamon. Gabriel Casas i Galobardes (1892-1973) was the photographer of modernity in Barcelona between the International Exhibition of 1929 and […]

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María Teresa Hincapié: If This Were a Beginning of Infinity

María Teresa Hincapié: If This Were a Beginning of Infinity is the first major exhibition dedicated to the pioneering practice of this Colombian artist (1954–2008). Specialised in what could be called “the poetics of everyday life”, through which she transformed simple actions into sacred rituals, her practice resisted any specific categorisation, seeing as it oscillated between […]

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carrie-mae-weems:-a-great turn-in-the possible

Carrie Mae Weems: A Great Turn in the Possible

Multidisciplinary artist, C.M. Weems is known above all for the photographic work she has been developing for nearly forty years. This exhibition reviews all of her work chronologically and aims to underline the way in which Weems approaches photography as ahead of its time and always projects her images into the future with a tireless […]

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