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Children love to play in parks with other children. They enjoy the swings and being outside, they can release some of their adrenaline. In any urban city, playgrounds are of vital importance for families, so that children can go outdoors and play. For this exact reason many parents choose to live in an area where playgrounds are close to their home. This way they don’t have to travel too far for their children to enjoy some time outside each day. Today ShBarcelona wants to tell you more about the best playgrounds in the Catalan capital.

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Enjoy Barcelona’s playgrounds

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Playgrounds are one of the most valued elements for people who decide to move to a Spanish city, and Barcelona is no exception to this. Being able to take your offspring to a lovely park after school and before turning home or on the weekends, is essential for the comfort of both parents and children. This is exactly why a neighbourhood with many parks is chosen as their home by many families with children. There are many parks in Barcelona where you can take your children, but some are more interesting than others for several reasons: good quality play equipment, safety measures and a nice and functional design. The first park that we recommend on our blog is Parque de la Ciutadella, which is located in a central and emblematic part of ​​the city. Due to its size, you can find different areas with playgrounds, rest areas with perfect shadows for a fantastic picnic, or you can even visit the nearby Barcelona Zoo. Our second recommendation is totally different from Parque de la Ciutadella, as this space is located close to the beach. Parque del Diagonal Mar is one of the most original and sustainable parks in the Catalan capital. The playgrounds with giant slides are an absolute joy for children, and they make even you want to climb up those ladders, no matter what your age is. The area is nicely decorated with wood, so you can easily spend a few hours there. This park is highly recommended!

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One other park which is ideal for kids, is also visited by tourists from all over the world: Parque Güell. This special park is full of surprises. Its concept, size and location are unique, and you can enjoy good views and long walks through this forest area of ​​Barcelona. It is important to note that Parque Güell has four playgrounds throughout the entire park, each adapted for all ages. Our last recommendation is not far from Parque Güell, it is the Parque de la Creueta del Coll, located between the neighbourhoods of El Coll and Vallcarca, in the upper part of the district of Gracia. You will love taking your kids there. The park is large, but safe, with a specific area where you can find a bar, a basketball court, a ping-pong table and a playground. Its design makes it easy to keep an eye on your children, both from the bottom and from higher parts. The lake in the central area of the park is currently under construction, but in summer you can take a  swim and cool down here.

What is your favourite playground in Barcelona?

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