Month: February 2018


The Marine Caves of the Costa Brava

Along the coast about 37 miles northeast of Barcelona, Costa Brava has become a highly popular attraction for tourists looking for a beachside holiday. The summer climate, beautiful nature, sandy beaches, and top-notch resorts make Costa Brava a favorite getaway for Barcelona locals and tourists alike. In the waters surrounding Costa Brava, there are several caves to be […]

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Mechanical Workshops in Sant Andreu Barcelona

Finding a good mechanic isn’t always easy to do. You need someone you can trust with some of your most valuable possessions whose work doesn’t come at an unreasonable price. If you’re living in the Sant Andreu neighborhood of Barcelona, ShBarcelona has some of the best mechanical workshops for you in this area. Related article: […]

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The Best Opticians in Barcelona

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, finding a good optician near you is important. An optician will be able to help you with all your eyewear needs from ordering new contact lenses when you’re supply is running low to fitting your eyeglass frames, buying a new pair of prescription glasses, and making sure you have […]

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Barceloneta Neighborhood Guide

Article Index: History | Hotels | Restaurants | Museums | Public Art | Nightlife | Beaches The Barceloneta neighborhood sits on a peninsula and is most famous for its beaches, narrow streets, public art and seafood restaurants. Locals describe it as being independent and it even has its own flag. Pictured above: Gallito Restaurant History The […]

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10 tips on how to visit Montserrat and make the most of your experience

Montserrat with a group of visitors When visiting Montserrat take note of the advices and notices of those who know it better: the local people. Follow these points and we assure you will get the most of your visit to the mountain. 1. How do i arrive? Spend the minimum time to get to the […]

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Best Spas in Barcelona

Aire de Barcelona Aire de Barcelona is an Arab Bath and spa located in El Born. The luxurious retreat features pools of different temperatures (warm, hot and cold), hammam steam baths, aromatherapy, therapeutic showers and massage. 43: The Spa at Hotel Arts Barcelona The Spa at Hotel Arts is a duplex located on the 43rd […]

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Megaprojects in Barcelona: the Via Laietana

Urban planning has never been easy, especially when ongoing projects are of massive scale such as the case of Via Laietana in Barcelona. The street is called after the Iberian tribe who lived in the city’s area: the Laietani. When the Roman Empire arrived to the peninsula, they settled the military camp that became the […]

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