BGB Offers a New Virtual Reality Tour


No more queues at the Sagrada Familia, no more noise from the construction site, no more imagining what the Sagrada Família will look like when it’s finished.

Gaudi Augmented Reality Tour

Gaudi Augmented Reality Tour

Buy our new Sagrada Familia Package, with this Virtual Reality Tour you can travel from the comfort of your sofa, and you will be the first to experience the Sagrada Familia completely finished!

As tour guides, we visit the Sagrada Família almost every day, and it doesn’t sease to surprise us! Especially when you walk in, it will leave you breathless.

Sagrada Familia

Look up at the Sagrada Família

So I’m sorry, but we’re not ready yet to send the Sagrada Família home to you! If you are interested in Augmented Reality, try the experiences in Casa Batlló, where you will see how the Batlló family lived there, and the Gaudí Exhibition Center, where you can see the Colonia Güell crypt under construction.

What’s this post really about?

Well, today is December 28, this date may not mean anything to you, but what if I say it’s Holy Innocents’ Day (or Sants Innocents)? That is our April Fools’ Day, the day that we are allowed to make up a story and play a joke or two. So, beware if you are in Barcelona on December 28 – don’t believe everything they say to you! ?

Don’t be surprised if you see a few people with a ‘llufa’ stuck on their back, that is the classical prank for Holly Innocents’ Day.

Llufa for Holy Innocents Day

Llufa for Holy Innocents Day

So, how are you going to participate? Any jokes in mind?