How to Stay Safe During a Family Vacation in Barcelona

Report by Lucy Peters. Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world, having welcomed over 9 million visitors to the city in 2019. Recent sightings of drones by pilots caused the temporary closure of Madrid’s Barajas Airport has lead to concerns about air safety in general in Spain. On land, awareness of personal safety is equally […]

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How to get to Montserrat and get the most of your trip

Sunset in Montserrat mountain The Montserrat day trip can be as short or as long as you like, and you can combine it with other sites near Barcelona. There are so many options it’s sometimes difficult to choose, this is why you should take a moment to consider: with who are you traveling? How much […]

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The best kept secret in history – The House of Silk

The emperor and his wife with the worms Report by: Eva Barajas Are you ready to discover the best kept secret in history with us? Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, entrusted his wife, Lady Xi Lingshi, with the task of discovering why the mulberry leaves in her garden disappeared mysteriously until […]

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The blog of BGB selected as one of the Top 5 Barcelona Travel Blogs

We are very happy to announce that the blog of Barcelona Guide Bureau has been chosen as one of the 5 best travel blog about Barcelona between all blogs, websites and newsletters on the web. From BGB we have to say “Thank you” to thousands of Travel Influencers on internet that using search and social metrics have chosen us […]

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BGB will return to normal activity tomorrow after cancelling all its tours today due to the general strike

Barcelona Guide Bureau condemns the scenes of violence that took place in Catalonia on the occasion of the referendum held on October 1st. These facts have nothing to do with the quiet and civic lifestyle of a city, Barcelona, which receives thousands of visitors daily. Today we closed all our tours due to the general […]

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BGB condemns the terrorist attacks

Concentration againts the terrorist attacks in Plaza Catalunya After the terrorist attacks of yesterday, August 17 of 2017, in Catalonia, Barcelona Guide Bureau wants to show his firm condemnation to these inhuman acts. A van ran over to dozens of people in La Rambla of Barcelona in a terrible act assumed by the ISIS. There are […]

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Fingers crossed for the big draw of the lottery in Spain

Lottery winners past years One of the most awaited moments of Christmas for the Spanish families is not Christmas Eve or New Year Eve but it is December 22nd. If we look at the calendar we won’t find any bank holidays on this day but it is a date in which the hopes and dreams […]

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Top souvenirs you must have from Barcelona

Travellers in Barcelona Barcelona has an antique and rich culture which is represented in a vast variety of customs. Traditions that in many occasions surprise the travellers that visit the city. Why not take a piece of this culture when you return home? In this article we recommend the top souvenirs that you should take home and […]

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