Guide to the Best Tours in Barcelona

In this article we’ll explore the top tours in Barcelona – ranging from history, art and architecture to food and gastronomy. Barcelona Street Style Tour The Barcelona Street Style Tour is led by veteran street art connoisseurs. On foot there are two available tours covering different neighborhoods: El Raval is the focus of one tour […]

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Picasso’s Barcelona

“Barcelona the beautiful and wise, where I left so many things hanging on the altar of happiness…” ~ Pablo Picasso, 1936 In this article we’ll explore the Barcelona of Picasso’s youth. Discover the places he lived, the studios where he painted early masterpieces and the cafes and art galleries that formed his world.  Barcelona at […]

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Guide to Roman Barcelona

Barcelona traces its origins over 2,000 years ago to the Roman colony called Barcino. It was founded by Emperor Augustus during the period of 15-10 BC, and the full Latin name of the colony was Iulia Augusta Faventia Paterna Barcino. Many remains of Barcino still exist in various locations of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Acroteria of […]

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