Monuments of Barcelona


When and how are the monuments of Barcelona going to open after the Coronavirus Lockdown?

We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! If everything goes on like this in the month of July, our country will finally come out of the State of Alarm and we will make the last efforts to return to our everyday life. Some of the entities that are making a greater effort to return to that normality are the main monuments of Barcelona, ​​which are already finalizing their security preparations to reopen their doors so that we can all admire their beauty without running risks. And that is today’s topic:

How will the monuments of our city reopen their doors?


All the spaces that plan to receive groups of people like theaters, museums, concert halls, monuments … have to follow the security guidelines that have been decided by the Spanish and Regional Governments, but many of them go one step further and have implemented some guidelines of their own to really ensure the safety of all their visitors.


Considered by many to be the ultimate expression of modernism, this concert hall created by Doménech i Montaner, closed its doors in early March like many other spaces and is preparing to relight its lights and welcome visitors and audiences from July the 1st. On their website you can already find the new concerts schedule that they have created specifically for their reopening and all the security measures to follow. Soon you will also find the dates scheduled for the first visits of the space in free format or guided.

Palau de la Música Catalana by Doménech i Montaner

  • Date will open: 1st of July
  • Security Mesures: Mandatory use of mask, temperature control, limited capacity.
  • Ticket Type: Self guided tour or guided tour. Find out the schedule here.

But if you don’t want to wait any longer and want to get back in touch with modernist nature, here you can discover this Virtual Guided Tour that will make you feel as if you were under the impressive dome of the Palau de la Música.


The Picasso museum is among the group of lucky places who were already able to reopen its doors this past July 12 with a strict security and control system, and a limited capacity to ensure that everybody can maintain a safe distance. Located in the center of Barcelona, ​​it is the ideal opportunity to get to know the early years and works of this impressive painter.

Pablo Picasso in 1962

  • Date will open: Already open
  • Security Mesures: Mandatory use of mask, limited capacity.
  • Ticket Type: Free Tour

But if you can’t go to the museum, the museum will come to you. Here you can find a Virtual Guided Tour that will give you all the details of the painter so that the next time you visit the museum you will be an expert in the field.


Although we think of Park Güell as one of the great monuments of Barcelona, ​​it remains, as its name suggests, a park. So since the containment measures began to relax a few weeks ago, the Park has opened its doors so that people can walk through their natural environment to exercise. But not all the spaces are open, there are no guided tours and safety regulations and opening hours must be respected at all times.

Park Güell, a place to feel nature in every possible way.

  • Date will open: Already open
  • Security Mesures: Mandatory use of mask, limited hours.
  • Ticket Type: Free entrance. No guided tours available. Ask us if you’d like a private tour.
  • Guided Virtual Tour Available: No


Perhaps it is not a monument as well known as others, but the Silk House is the only guild headquarters that can be visited in the entire city of Barcelona. With its silk-covered walls and noble wood decorations, each visit seems like a journey back in time, you can even make dramatized visits that intensify that feeling. At the moment they have a partial reopening scheduled for July 4th and they will shortly present new dates to visit this space. All the information can be found here.

La Casa de la Seda, a hidden jewel in the heart of the city

  • Date will open: 4th of July
  • Security Mesures: Mandatory use of mask, limited capacity.
  • Guided Virtual Tour Available: No


La Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece still under construction; The monument has open it’s doors exclusively to residents of Barcelona, free of charge and booking in advance. The main reason is that so the local public can reconnect with the great architect in a calm and safe way. The Sagrada Família plans to open to the public with limited access in September.

Sagrada familia

Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece of Gaudí

  • Date will open: It will open in September. Currently they are giving some tickets for free for the residents of Barcelona.
  • Security Mesures: Mandatory use of mask, temperature control, limited capacity for residents only, sanitizing gel.
  • Ticket Type: Free Tour

As time goes by and in anticipation that the situation continues to improve, it is planned that the space will readmit visitors from all places; but if you don’t live in Barcelona and you can’t wait any longer to get to know this wonderful space, you have at your disposal this fantastic virtual tour carried out by our most expert guides that will make you feel as if you were inside the monument itself.


One of the best known works of Antoni Gaudí, in the middle of Passeig de Gràcia and close to Casa Milà. Like much of the work of the great Gaudí, it stands out for its eccentricity in the detail that has earned it some nicknames such as “Dragon House” or “House of Bones”. This space is also preparing for its reopening and although it does not have an official date, it plans to do so before July 15.

Casa Batlló, also known as the Dragon House

  • Date will open: Before July 15th
  • Security Mesures: Mandatory use of mask, limited capacity, sanitizing gel.
  • Ticket Type: Guided Tour

But do not panic if you do not want to wait so long and want to know this place as soon as possible, here you have the opportunity to do it in a safe and comfortable way that you will not even have to leave home.



Near the Casa Batlló on Passeig de Gràcia is another of Antoni Gaudí’s great eccentric works. They have already confirmed its reopening for the 15th of July with a strict security protocol to guarantee the safety of visitors and workers. Step by step the city recovers its cultural and historical life!

Great views and amazing chimneys at the rooftop of la Pedrera, Casa Mila by Gaudi

La Pedrera, a unique building from the inside out.

  • Date will open: 15th of July
  • Security Mesures: Mandatory use of mask, limited capacity, temperature control, sanitizing gel.
  • Ticket Type: Self-guided tour or Guided Tour
  • Guided Virtual Tour Available: No


The Casa Llotja de Mar, located on the seafront in the historic center of Barcelona, ​​is one of the most significant and splendid monuments, representing the economy and culture of the city. It was built during the second half of the 14th century, the brightest period of Catalan Gothic.

Starting on the 4th of July, you can discover its secrets through a most impressive guided tour.

  • Date will open: 4th of July
  • Security Mesures: Mandatory use of mask, limited capacity.
  • Ticket Type: Guided Tour
  • Guided Virtual Tour Available: No