Shopping in Barcelona: 10 tips to get the most of the sales


Sales in Barcelona

Sales in Barcelona

During this month with the extra payment, the desired of sales grow and we all try to get those products we dreamed of at the best price. Enjoy the sales but be careful… sometimes television and marketing creates false needs and an extreme consumerism that can be very damaging to our pocket. From this article we give you the keys to get the most of your shopping and avoid any tears at the end of the month.

If you visit Barcelona during these days or you are a local planning to shop, remember that here the OCU defends the right of the consumers also during the periods of sales.

Do you want to get the most of your shopping day? And not regret it later?

Get ready before shopping:

  1. Early shopping:

Try to go to the shop the first days and first look exclusively for those products you wanted before sales.

  1. Try to avoid going to the store at the rush hours:

This will prevent us from crazy busy shops, long queues, clothes on the floor, no sizes… We go to shopping to have a good time, there is no reason to get angry or stressed.

Queues in front of the shops

Queues in front of the shops

  1. Eye-catching discounts:

Don’t buy a product because it has a big discount. This is a compulsive shopping act!

Attractive discounts

Attractive discounts

  1. What do you really need?:

If apart from the product you wanted before buying other items, think about when you are going to use them.

  1. Try it on!:

Don’t buy anything without trying it on first! Sometimes we buy something telling ourselves: “I will try it at home and if I don’t like it, I will ask for a refund”. But you must think that you will have to come back to the shop, do the queue…”. Try it on first is our advice ?

Girl trying on clothes

Girl trying on clothes

  1. Always buy your size:

Especially after the big Christmas meals in which we all take some extra pounds, it is easy to make good intentions for the New Year like going on a diet, going to the gym… this is totally fine but remember that the size you have is the current one and it is not worth buying something that you will not be able to put it on now.

Clothes too small size

Clothes too small size

  1. Buy seasonal items:

Nowadays many shops have outlets so they take advantage of the sales to show in the store articles from other seasons or with manufacturing defects. Be aware sales are just to buy seasonal things. For the other products, you have the outlets all year round. Firstly look for the handmade or exclusive products.

  1. Instead you are the one that can take advantages of the sales:

This period of the year is perfect to get these items that you can keep in your wardrobe and use them anytime and any season. That’s for example a suit jacket, black shoes, a black elegant dress, a pyjama or a white shirt. Just buy them if they offer a good deal!

Shops in sales

Shops in sales

  1. Don’t buy an item that you thought was cheaper:

Sometimes we took some product because we thought it had reduced price but when we get to the casier it turns out that it is from the season section (so unfortunately not on sale). Do not buy it even if you have already made the queue! You will have time to do it. The visual personal of the shop put the seasonal products strategically close to the others and the first ones when you go in the store reason why it is possible that the articles are mixed or that many customers take season products at the beginning but when they compare with the sales, they just leave them at the end of the store.

  1. Do a budget and keep it on mind:

The most important step before shopping. Nobody wants to cry when they see their bank account at the end of the month ?

Your face after checking your bank account

  11. Bonus tip of the OCU (Consumer Organization):

  • Reduced products must show their original price along with the reduction, or clearly indicate the percentage of the reduction.
  • Some shops establish special conditions for discounts (on acceptance of payment by card, refunds, etc.). Those conditions must be expressly written.
  • If you do not get a friendly solution, ask for the complaint sheet.
  • Keep ticket or simplified invoice. It is essential before any claim or change.
  • During sales, service and warranty application are the same than when you buy the product during outside sales. Keep that in mind!
  • If you have a problem during the sales, it is best to act just like at any other time. In the period of reductions the prices are cut, but not the rights.
  • As much as possible, try to choose establishments adhering to the arbitration system of consumption, which offer more guarantees to the customer.