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Barcelona’s central libraries

With more than 200 libraries, including about 30 in the city centre, Barcelona has a good network of public institutions that provide access to education and culture. The latter offer several advantages because they are open on Sundays and some close late in the evening (1 am). You can walk around the shelves and reading […]

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Barcelona’s Realism Tattoo Artists 2019

Getting a tattoo is quite common nowadays. Most of the time it shows a graphic representation of something that is important to you, whether that is a loved one, related to religion, one of life’s milestones or a word or sentence. It makes you unique and is part of your identity. Sometimes though, tattoos are […]

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Barcelona Fashion Week

Many big events take place in Barcelona, but until recently, a really big fashion event was not one of them. What is certain is that in recent years, Barcelona has put its energy in everything related to creativity, and fashion is one of the disciplines that requires this feature. Barcelona Fashion Week is the most […]

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Chinese New Year 2019 in Barcelona

There is a large Chinese community in Barcelona, although many of the community go unnoticed. The truth is that their traditions and festivities have penetrated deeply into the local culture and some important festivals are celebrated in Barcelona, as they would be celebrated in their home country. Take the Chinese New Year, one of the […]

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Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Inside the former building, built in the 1880s, one of Barcelona’s finest art museums is located. Having survived over a century of wear and tear, a Civil War, and decades of consistent change, it has been, since 1990, the site of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Straddling between Passeig de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya, it […]

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Discover arts in the streets of Barcelona

Barcelona is home to a variety of internationally renowned art galleries and museums where you can discover some incredible and inspiring art. But you can also get inspired simply by walking around the city where you can find various sculptures. Here are some of the most popular ones to look out for as you wander through the streets […]

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Take acoustic guitar lessons in Barcelona

A lot of us dream of picking up an acoustic guitar and using our hands to play beautiful melodies capable of impressing anyone. Unfortunately, few people go through with it. Granted, playing acoustic guitar may seem difficult or complicated at first, but like everything in life, becoming a prolific guitarist is all about practice and […]

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Club Cronopios Reopens

Having been a frequent participant in open mic nights in my hometown in California, I was seeking to find something similar in Barcelona upon moving here. One day, I simply searched on Facebook the words “micro abierto,” and found the page for a place called Club Cronopios. Was it a bar? A café? No. It […]

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