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What to do in Barcelona in December?

There are a lot of different activities you can do in and around the city of Barcelona in December, and some of these activities are even free. So if there is no need to spend money and you don’t have to check your budget, anyone can have fun and explore the city’s culture. In addition […]

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What to Do in Barcelona on Constitution Day 2019

Everyone in Spain celebrates the Day of the Constitution on December 6. It is an official holiday that commemorates the referendum held back in 1978, in which the current Spanish Constitution was massively approved of after experiencing four decades of Franco’s dictatorship. This Constitution from over 40 years ago is still in force today, and […]

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Going Out in Barcelona When You Are over 40

You can go out and have fun at any age, and people of over 40 are very well aware of this. When children are a bit older, or you have decided not to have any, there is always time to go out for a drink. You should celebrate life by living it, right? Many people […]

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Activities for Youngsters in Barcelona

Barcelona is a lovely place for everyone, but when you are young, it is one of the best possible cities to go to. Barcelona is the perfect combination of fun, culture, beaches, good food, lots of leisure options and excellent schools and universities. Spending a season in Barcelona can therefore be an excellent opportunity to […]

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It’s Almost Summer in Barcelona!

Summer is almost here, and that can mean a lot of things. Maybe you are reading this article already having planned to spend a couple of days in Barcelona. Or you live in Barcelona and will not leave the city during the summer… do not worry in any way, because Barcelona has a lot to […]

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Discover the April Fair in Barcelona

The Andalusian culture has strong roots in Catalonia, and in Barcelona in particular. Many Andalusians emigrated to Barcelona during the second half of the twentieth century, ​​which has caused both cultures to blend. Important events related to Andalusian folklore therefore continue to be organized in different parts of the Catalan autonomous community. One of these […]

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The Use of Catalan Sign Language in Barcelona

Catalonia is one of Spain´s most well-known bilingual regions, where orally-spoken Catalan and Spanish are both recognized on an institutional level in society. Interestingly, however, this bilingualism does not apply to the region’s use of sign language. An introduction to Catalan Sign LanguageAlthough Spanish Sign Language, or LSE (Lengua de signos española), is used by […]

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The Marine Caves of the Costa Brava

Along the coast about 37 miles northeast of Barcelona, Costa Brava has become a highly popular attraction for tourists looking for a beachside holiday. The summer climate, beautiful nature, sandy beaches, and top-notch resorts make Costa Brava a favorite getaway for Barcelona locals and tourists alike. In the waters surrounding Costa Brava, there are several caves to be […]

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