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English Yoga Classes in Barcelona

One of the disciplines we love doing most in the world is yoga. This sport is all about exercises that require flexibility, strength and good posture, and it also improves relaxation. You can practice yoga at any age, but it can be especially effective for people of a certain age. If you don’t speak Spanish […]

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Hiking Trails near Barcelona

You can find an oasis of peace in the middle of nature and not that far from Barcelona. And having a few hiking trails in the mountains near Barcelona, means you can practice your favourite sport again. If you are staying in tourist accommodation and love nature and outdoor activities, you will surely be interested […]

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Public Swimming Pools in Barcelona

Summer in the city of Barcelona can be extremely hot, and the humidity created by its nearness to the sea does not contribute in a positive way. It causes us to sweat greatly, even when temperatures in Barcelona are not as high as in other parts of Spain. That being said, if you have rented […]

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Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell

One of the most important tennis tournaments in Spain is held every year in Barcelona. It is known as Conde de Godó, but officially it is called Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell. Barcelona has always displayed its love of sports, and this important competition is a clear example of this. It will be held in the […]

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Barcelona Marathon 2019

Sports are one of the things that unite people, especially team sports. Marathons, even if these are not team sports, make the most solidary part of the human being flourish. The mere fact of participating in the same activity, and being aware of the level of suffering and effort that is required to carry it […]

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Post-vacation plans in Barcelona

Vacations are over and everyone is returning to their routines, but there are still many days of sun and heat to enjoy in Barcelona. There are many things to do in the Ciudad Condal in the final days of summer, which often extend into a warm and beautiful beginning of fall. With this, plans for […]

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Discover Aqua Body Studio

Opened in March 2017, the Aqua Body Studio is the first indoor aqua biking venue in Barcelona. The aim for the new studio is to add a touch of calm and serenity to an otherwise hectic day. The whole studio has been specially designed to create a unique and pampering experience for each one of […]

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Where to Play Darts in Barcelona

If you think of a classic pub there are many things that come to mind to create the perfect ambiance: cold beer on tap, good music, and some great games like Foosball and darts. Nowadays it isn’t as common to find darts in bars but there are still some places in Barcelona where you can play […]

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