Month: February 2019


Where to Eat the Best Calçots in Barcelona

Calçots are one of the most well-known Catalan products of local gastronomy. This tender onion, roasted on a wood fire and eaten with a typical sauce, shows that simplicity is not incompatible with exquisiteness. While it is true, that eating calçots requires a certain skill and its ritual is somewhat crude, it is still authentic […]

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The best in Montserrat: 10 basic tips

Get ready for a trip can be as excited as difficult and sometimes you can miss important details to watch or take care of. What a better way to have a trip that following the advices of the local people… and if they are tourism professionals, even better. One of the indubible visits you should do […]

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Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a very special day. We thank our parents for their dedication to us and their care for us, and give back some of the love they have given us as a child. We enjoy going out for dinner, to celebrate this special day with the whole family. On the other hand, we also […]

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Barcelona Marathon 2019

Sports are one of the things that unite people, especially team sports. Marathons, even if these are not team sports, make the most solidary part of the human being flourish. The mere fact of participating in the same activity, and being aware of the level of suffering and effort that is required to carry it […]

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Rack and Return: WSET Courses in Barcelona

* Rack and Return recently launched online wine courses, learn more here * Are you a wine aficionado, an oenophile, living in or visiting Barcelona? If so, you must learn about Rack and Return and their fantastic courses and events! Rack and Return is a school founded in 2019 by wine loving friends Fintan Kerr […]

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Valentine’s day in Barcelona – The day of Love

Report by: Germana Autore Approximately 51 days after Xmas, 14 days before of the end of the shortest month of the year and a bit more than 4 months before of the Summer Solstice.. There is this day in the calendar known for many as the day of love: Valentine’s day! Originating as the day […]

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The Castle, the Golden Goat and Dalí

Our guide Irina at the Castle of Quermarçó Report by: Irina Sytcheva. What a better way to discover the mind and the essence of such an eccentric and peculiar artist as SALVADOR DALI that with an expert guide? A person who has studied his work but above all his life, tastes and anecdotes… That’s why […]

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