Valentine’s day in Barcelona – The day of Love

Report by: Germana Autore Approximately 51 days after Xmas, 14 days before of the end of the shortest month of the year and a bit more than 4 months before of the Summer Solstice.. There is this day in the calendar known for many as the day of love: Valentine’s day! Originating as the day […]

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Enjoy Music in the Barcelona Festivals!

Festivals in Barcelona From the ‘billions’ of things you can do and enjoy in Barcelona, live music is (always) a great choice. In fact, going to some of the most important festivals in Europe –which in the last decade have settled in Catalonia’s main city-, has become a good reason for many people to stay […]

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La Mercè: Barcelona’s festivals

Every September 24th and during a whole week, Barcelona celebrates its “Festa Major” – Barcelona’s festival of festivals, a celebration which goes back more than two-hundred years. La Mercè captures the character of the city itself, and transforms Barcelona into a grand stage bursting with fantasy and imagination. Over 600 activities and shows go on […]

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Festa Major de Gràcia: A popular festivity you cannot miss

Festes de Gràcia in the street When you visit Barcelona, undoubtedly that a good way to enrich your stay is to spend a morning, an afternoon or, even better, an evening walking around the picturesque neighbourhood of Gràcia. But if you are in the city between the 14th and the 21st of August, you have […]

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Fire celebrations: only for crazy and sensible people!

Dancing to fire makes you feel you are in an ancestral atmosphere. It is often a representation Good vs Evil, people dress as demons and dance to the sound of drums, which increases the ancestral feeling to it. Smoke and sparkles fill the streets during a Correfoc These fire celebrations are often a mixture of […]

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Festes de Santa Eulàlia: Winter festivities in Barcelona

Festivity of Santa Eulalia Its wide offer of cultural events makes Barcelona worth a visit any time of the year. If you think that February is a calm, and even a boring month to spend some days in Catalonia’s main city, you are (luckily) wrong. It is in the middle days of February when one […]

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