Where can you fly a drone in Barcelona?

Report by Lucy Peters. Around 20 million people visit Barcelona every year, attracted as much by its cultural offerings as by nearby natural sites and parks. Its sunny weather makes it ideal for a plethora of activities – everything from nature walks to drone flying. If you have a drone and you’re wondering where in Barcelona you […]

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Must-Visit Haunted Spots in Barcelona

Blog by: Lucy Peters. Barcelona has always been a tourist hotspot with more than 32 million people visiting the Spanish city every year. The city is filled with renowned tourist attractions such as the La Rambla Boulevard, the Picasso Museum, and the Gothic Quarter that, together with countless superb foodie destinations, making it one of the […]

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Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In Barcelona

Blog by: Lucy Peters. Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In Barcelona If you’ve booked a vacation to Barcelona with your dog, rest assured it’s a very dog-friendly city. In fact, you’ll see plenty of people walking their dogs through the streets at every hour of the day. Dog owners can even ride the Metro […]

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Goodbye to a dear friend: Barcelona offers funeral services and incineration for pets

An owner with her pet It is all personalized and allows the owner to keep the ashes in a specially made ballot box or convert it into jewellery Recently opened, Barcelona has the first funeral parlour that works exclusively with pets. It is an ancient demand, in which mascot owners wanted to make a personal […]

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BGB Offers a New Virtual Reality Tour

No more queues at the Sagrada Familia, no more noise from the construction site, no more imagining what the Sagrada Família will look like when it’s finished. Gaudi Augmented Reality Tour Buy our new Sagrada Familia Package, with this Virtual Reality Tour you can travel from the comfort of your sofa, and you will be the […]

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Beautiful carpets of Cement: the colourful world of the ‘hydraulic tile’

Different Tiles Discover one of the best hidden and amazing secrets of Barcelona’s vintage flats For over a hundred years, Cement tiles –better known as encaustic or ‘hydraulic’ tiles, have paved the floors of thousands of Barcelona flats with beautiful shapes and colours. It is probably the Catalan way to have a carpet: it is […]

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