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5 Curious things you didn’t know about La Pedrera – Casa Milà

Blog by Sumit Manwani. La Pedrera – Casa Milà was built by Antoni Gaudí for the Milà family and finished in 1911. Its sculptured form has made it a reference piece in the past and nowadays. It is impossible to pass through Passeig de Gràcia without noticing this outstanding masterpiece. Getting more into detail with […]

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More Than a Club: The Complex Relationship Between Barça and the Catalan City

Iniesta during a match of La Liga at the Camp Nou. Image credit: Post written for by Georgina White Catalonia is home to FC Barcelona, one of the most popular football clubs in the world, located in one of the most historically rich cities in the world. Barcelona is full to the brim with historical […]

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Where to Find Inspiration for Your Artistry in Barcelona

Report by Lucy Peters. Brushstrokes of Barcelona: Where to Find Inspiration for Your Artistry Barcelona is a city enriched with culture and beauty. When touring the city, every corner is marked with history. Many look towards this city to spark creativity; artist such as Picasso and Dalí have looked to the city for inspiration. Depending on […]

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Do It All in Barcelona from discovering the Catalan culture to its art

Barcelona engages all your senses. The swirling skirts of flamenco dancers, endless stalls of bright-colored produce at Barcelona’s mercats, and the twirling spires of the Sagrada Família are a feast for the eyes. The tempting aroma of tapas tickles your nose while the cool Mediterranean breezes dance on your skin. And all around you is […]

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Barcelona Your Way: quirky, exotic and exuberant

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Barcelona or you’re coming back for more of its gorgeous Mediterranean vibe, you want to make every moment count. Barcelona is quirky, exotic, exuberant, and effortlessly cool… a Gothic and Modernist phenomenon begging to be explored. What’s your passion? Art, architecture, shopping, food, music? Barcelona has it all—from Gaudí’s […]

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Why Barcelona Deserves a Visit Longer Than 3 Days?

Tourists queuing in front of Casa Batllo Barcelona is an excellent destination for a city break. There are millions of visitors who plan a getaway to the city. But for some reason, most of these tourists only plan a 3-day trip and not much longer. And that’s unfair for both the city and themselves because there’s so […]

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What influence did Barcelona have on Pablo Picasso? or was it Picasso on Barcelona?

Picasso in Barcelona with the Reventós Family A painter friend of mine told me the other day “Picasso is my favorite Catalan artist”. Of course I like Picasso too, can we consider him as a Catalan Artist?  Technically the answer is no.  Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga (Andalucía) in 1881 and it was not […]

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Curiosities about Sagrada Família in Barcelona

Barcelona’s main Attraction, Gaudí’s Sixtine Chapel, yes: Today we are going to talk about Sagrada Família. This splendorous Basilica, the expiatory temple of the Sagrada Família, has a long story, like many worshiping monuments. Since the history of the building is still very recent, we are fortunate to talk about many curiosities regarding Barcelona’s main attraction, which […]

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