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Going out for dinner in Barcelona is truly amazing, but there are so many good places to choose from, that it will be hard for you to decide. You can count on the variety and quality of restaurants in Barcelona, but this is not the only good aspect about restaurants in the Catalan capital. Barcelona’s perfect weather conditions invite you to dine outside, to spend a warm spring afternoon or a hot Barcelona night outdoors. Luckily, restaurant owners are aware of this, and they offer places with an outdoor area for you to be able to taste their exquisite menu. Today, ShBarcelona will tell you more about the best terraces for having an outside dinner in Barcelona.

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Enjoy the weather and gastronomy of Barcelona by having dinner outside on a lovely terrace

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You can enjoy good gastronomy and a pleasant atmosphere on Barcelona’s terraces, but some terraces are better than others. Sometimes you do not want to dine next to a busy road with a lot of traffic, or on terrace with lots of pedestrians passing by checking out your plate. When you choose a terrace, you pick a quiet one, if possible with a little breeze, and when it also has good views, that’s even better. Here are some suggestions for warm summer nights that will arrive soon. The first one we can recommend is the terrace of restaurant Gallito, on the ground floor of the Hotel W, at the beach of Barceloneta. If you want to start enjoying summer early, this restaurant is next to the beach and has a quiet terrace. It surely is a good option; with tasty food, fresh products and a privileged location, what more could you possibly ask for? Would you like to try the best, typical Catalan food in the garden of an authentic farmhouse in the Collserola mountain range? If so, head to Can Cortés. This legendary, Catalan cuisine restaurant is wonderful if you want to try our gastronomy for the first time, but also if you are already a big fan. Its terrace, which is in the garden of the farmhouse, is located in the mountains of Collserola, a few kilometres from the metropolitan area. Peace and quiet during your meal is definitely guaranteed.

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If you like to party and enjoy a relaxed and lively atmosphere, then Bestial Beach Club is another good option. Located in the Front Marítim in Barcelona, ​​on the beach of San Sebastián, Bestial Beach Club offers a terrific vibe with the best hits of the 80s and 90s and a little bit of disco and house as well, in a lovely Mediterranean atmosphere. You can dine on the beautiful terrace facing the sea, with a delicious cocktail to pleasantly cool off your body. Another magnificent way to enjoy the best cuisine on a beautiful and peaceful terrace, is to make a reservation at El Jardí de l’Abadessa. This restaurant is located in the upper part of the Ciudad Condal, and its chef, Carlos Cases, is one of today’s most interesting culinary professionals. The address is Abadessa Olzet, 26. As you can see, these are a few of the recommendations, but there are of course many more that do not all fit into this article. If you decide to try one of our suggestions, please share your experience!

What terrace would you recommend for having dinner outside in Barcelona?

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