Food delivery in Eixample


If you live in Eixample, this article is for you! It is for you on those days when you find yourself in no mood for chopping, dicing, frying, or whatever else might have to be involved in making a good home cooked meal. This article is also for you if you have high standards, for when you want a great meal, but do not want to get dressed up and go out to have a meal at a restaurant. Everyone has those days, and it is important to know what your options are when you want home delivery. Whatever you are in the mood for, ShBarcelona has the answer.


Image via Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

Pizza, perhaps the most popular choice for a duvet day or general quick takeaway. Nothing is worse than an average pizza, however, and this pizzeria seems to agree. With pizzas topped with anything from bacon to truffle cream and foie gras, it is easy to say that you will not be disappointed when ordering from Vitali Pizza. Made with the most perfect of thin crusts and quality ingredients, this pizzeria is top notch. On top of that, there are gluten free alternatives for the pizzas, a nice salad selection, and enough desserts you can shake your greedy spoon at! The banana and Nutella calzone is one of the highlights of the menu. This is Mediterranean food at its naughtiest.

Address: Carrer de Taxdirt, 13.

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Image via Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

With a wonderful selection of sushi, nigiri, sashimi, and everything you would expect from a top of the line sushi restaurant, sushi fresh delivers in more ways than one. The ingredients are faultless (something that is of utmost importance when eating raw fish!) and each item of the menu is cooked with expertise that makes this a wonderful eating experience. And all this from the comfort of your own home! Every dish is made to order, and home delivery includes all the trimmings you need and want with your sushi such as chopsticks, soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger. Tanoshimimasu – enjoy!

Address: Via Augusta, 65.


Photo by: Drepak via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by Drepak via Visualhunt

For a taste of Americana and to satisfy that specific burger craving, look no further than Tio Joe. This selection of reasonably priced burgers is more than your average meat’n’bread. With everything made in-store, from the bread to the sausages, this takeaway is for burger aficionados only! Delivery is from 13:00-15:30 for lunch and 20:00-23:30 in the evenings. Add them to your speed-dial.

Address: Carrer d’Amigó, 18.

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Indian Food

Photo by: NA.dir via / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by NA.dir via Visualhunt

The ruler of tandoori in Eixample is undoubtedly Gandhi Restaurant. Offering modern Indian food, Gandhi Restaurant, as the other eateries in our lineup, sets itself apart through its use of fresh products and variety on offer. You will find all the classics on this menu. The naan bread is a highlight, so give it a try!

Address: Carrer de Balmes, 21.

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