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Spain has universal health care for all citizens and, in emergency cases, non-citizens as well. Most services are free apart from a few certain products and services in which a small fee is necessary. Spain does also allow for private insurance, which could be better for more serious conditions as patients can usually get quicker treatment in private hospitals and clinics. Because of the economic downturn, the struggle to keep up with costs, and lengthy waiting times, people have started to turn towards private health insurance more and more. Companies have pushed for competition to take on those who prefer private insurance, and one of the biggest insurance companies here in Spain is SegurCaixa Adeslas.

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About Adeslas

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SegurCaixa Adeslas is the leading non-life health insurance company in Spain and owned by CaixaBank. Formed in 1990, Adeslas concentrated on establishing a private company for medical and life insurance, as well as offering their services to individuals and companies. SegurCaixa Adeslas follows four key components in their work: Quality, trust, dynamism, and closeness. With these ideas, they create and maintain day to day operations and keep close relationships with their customers, shareholders, the medical community, public administrations, and society as a whole. Outside of their work, Adeslas promotes health education, the environment, and the basic necessities for children’s health, collaborating with the Red Cross and Barcelona’s food banks to take care of those who cannot afford basic health costs. 

What They Do

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SegurCaixa Adeslas offers individuals and businesses direct access to leading medicine consultations, specialists, diagnostics, and, if needed, hospitalizations in the best centers in Spain. If you need dental insurance with national coverage, you can get it immediately through Adeslas for low rates and without any questions about pre-existing conditions.

SegurCaixa Business offers a wide range of coverage against any business-related damages such as fire, water, or electrical damage. SegurCaixa Auto allows clients to get the maximum protection desired by providing collision and mechanical failure insurance. SegurCaixa Complete provides life insurance necessary for any expenses in the event of the death of a loved one. They provide affordable prices for coverage and have offices and medical teams for all appointments regarding your policies. 

Adeslas Medical Team & Offices

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There are plenty of medical specialists in all Adeslas clinics, and you can choose a doctor at whatever location is closest to you. Their medical team is also accessible with the Adeslas Club, in which clients can get discounts and advantages in more than 100 personal care facilities for sports and leisure. Adeslas offices in Barcelona are scattered throughout the city. Here are a few of their central and convenient locations in Barcelona:

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Health insurance is guaranteed by law in Spain, but many have turned to seeking private insurance due to the backup in costs and waiting time in the public system. At Adeslas, they promise to offer everyone comfort and care that is personalized and on demand. For health, auto, work, dental, or life insurance, Adeslas is here to serve you with the clinics and staff necessary to run an efficient business for the thousands turning to them for better health care in Spain.

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