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Christmas Day is a very special time for many people as it gives a reason to celebrate in and of itself. It is an occasion where family and friends are reunited and get to spend quality time together that they don’t normally experience during the rest of the year. Although the celebratory dinner is perhaps the most highly looked-forward-to part of the day, there is not quite the same level of obsession in Catalonia with a Christmas Eve meal as there is for Christmas Day dinner. On the night of Christmas Day after all the festivities, many Catalan families take time to go out to eat together after spending so much time making food at home for the holiday season. Today in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be talking about where to go out for a memorable dinner on December 25 in the Catalan capital.

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A lovely Christmas dinner

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Although celebrating Christmas at home with guests over exquisite food is a deeply-rooted tradition in Spain, more and more families are beginning to prefer going out to eat and leaving the fabulous yet painstaking holiday cooking in the hands of professional chefs. Comfort and relaxation are one of the key reasons people prefer to go out; although it’s wonderful to receive the compliments from family members on your famous holiday recipes, the pile of dishes that awaits once everyone is finished may be enough to dissuade you from cooking at home and instead opt to enjoy an effort-free meal out.   

Don’t worry about missing out on holiday food just because you won’t be at home – there are a variety of delicious foods on the classic Christmas menus you’ll find at restaurants in the Ciudad Condal. On this special day, restaurants put their best foot forward with special holiday menus to attract more customers. For example, Caelis is a restaurant headed by chef Romain Fornell that offers a special distinguished menu on Christmas Day to create an unforgettable holiday dining experience. For the price of 115 euros per person with a drink included, you receive an appetizer as well as four main courses, dessert and a wine pairing. Another alternative is the restaurant Sánchez Romera, located at calle Muntaner 182. This restaurant offers a cheaper menu for the price of 59 euros, which is composed of an appetizer, main course and dessert. They also offer a Christmas menu for 49 euros per person and for groups there is the much more economic price of 39 euros per person. 

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The last option we’ll be putting forward is the restaurant Tendiez, located in the Pullman Barcelona Skipper hotel, which offers a special holiday menu with delicacies such as steamed lobster salad, smoked salmon, gin and tonic, poularde roast, creamy rock fish soup in l’emporda style, costa brava fish suquet, rice broth and lamb shoulder. If that sounds good, wait until you hear the dessert – the traditional Christmas log is served with passionfruit and nougat and caramelized banana with brown sugar. Lastly, there is the winery, with selections such as Juvé Camps and different cavas of the same brand. The price is also more accessible at 45 euros per person.

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Do you prefer having Christmas dinner out at a restaurant or at home?

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