Month: September 2019


English Yoga Classes in Barcelona

One of the disciplines we love doing most in the world is yoga. This sport is all about exercises that require flexibility, strength and good posture, and it also improves relaxation. You can practice yoga at any age, but it can be especially effective for people of a certain age. If you don’t speak Spanish […]

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Going Out in Barcelona When You Are over 40

You can go out and have fun at any age, and people of over 40 are very well aware of this. When children are a bit older, or you have decided not to have any, there is always time to go out for a drink. You should celebrate life by living it, right? Many people […]

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Top 10 good tips for students

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that welcomes many students every year. The majority of students are most often from Erasmus and come from all over the world. The Catalan capital is, in fact, an ideal place for a student who has come to spend a whole year studying or celebrating (let’s not hide it). Today […]

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Renting an Apartment with Parking in Barcelona

Everyone goes to work in the morning, and sometimes you need your car for this. Other people need a car to do their groceries. Living in a city like Barcelona, it can be quite difficult to park your car somewhere. So if you are planning on moving to Barcelona, your best option is to find […]

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Barcelona’s Modelling Agencies

As a teenager you might have dreamt of becoming a model in Barcelona, and although you have to compete with a large number of boys and girls to succeed, it is certainly not impossible. Whether you are staying in tourist accommodation or living in Barcelona, this article by ShBarcelona shares some of Barcelona’s modelling success […]

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Does it ever Snow in Barcelona?

Barcelona can be characterised by its warm, Mediterranean climate. It has hot summers and mild winters, but despite this traditional climate, climate change is taking care of other, not so common weather in winter. It is not that strange anymore to have a little snow in the Catalan capital during the coldest months of the […]

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Best Schools in Gràcia

When you move to a new city with your family and children, you will want to know what schools there are in the area you will be living in. Not only do we value the opinions of other parents, we also check the facilities when there is an open day, want to know about teaching […]

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Torre Bellesguard

Most visitors to Barcelona have heard of the iconic works of Antoni Gaudí, such as Casa Mila, Casa Batlló, La Sagrada Família and Palau Güell. * * * The lesser known Torre Bellesguard, still privately owned and lived in, sits in the exclusive Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, perched in the upper reaches of the city. The name Bellesguard, meaning […]

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