Kamen Petrov


Kamen Petrov is English-speaking Psychologist and Jungian Psychotherapist based in Barcelona. A member of The British Psychological Society, he has over 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy.

Kamen provides psychotherapy, counseling and coaching to individuals, couples, families and children, as well as supervision to other therapists. He is also a professor at the postgraduate program of the Barcelona School for Art Therapy Metàfora and a dedicated group psychotherapist working with the creative method of Psychodrama.

Background and Education

In 1994, Kamen discovered the healing power of psychotherapy during a difficult period in his own life. Working with his therapist was a transformative experience that helped to alleviate his suffering and moreover provided insight into the root causes and meaning of the underlying problems. At this time, he decided to change course from plans for a career in business and soon began to study psychology and psychotherapy.

Kamen went on to graduate as a psychologist from Alpen-Adria University in Austria and as a Jungian Psychotherapist from the Society of Analytical Psychology C.G. Jung in Sofia, a program realized in collaboration with the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP).

He is a fully licenced Group Psychotherapist and Psychodramatist, having graduated from the training program of Psychotherapy 2000 Foundation (member of FEPTO – Federation of the European Psychodrama Training Organizations). Additionally, he has studied at the University Aix-Marseilles in France, at the University Paris Lodron in Austria and at the International School of Analytical Psychology ISAP in Zurich, Switzerland.

Individual Psychotherapy

A central part of Kamen’s work as psychologist and psychotherapist is to guide clients to a deeper understanding of the unconscious dynamics that shape their relationships. This gives people the chance to be liberated from repetitive and negative behavioral patterns. Furthermore, it enables their capacity for change and for having more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

He also helps people address a wide variety of common psychological issues including those related to life changes, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety, depression, phobias, compulsive behaviours and mood swings. Kamen points out that psychotherapy goes beyond resolving these problems that we face in life, that the process can open the door to personal growth and discovering the unique and authentic personality within ourselves.

Couples Therapy

Over time in our intimate relationships things can change for the worse without us understanding what is going on and the underlying causes. Emotions and reactions often mask other deeper and more authentic feelings and concerns. Problematic behaviors in our relationships are often a disguised representation of our unconscious fears and deep human needs. These must be addressed and worked with, sometimes using the help of a qualified counselor, in order to allow the relationship to develop as a positive, loving and supportive environment for both partners.

Child Therapy

Childhood and adolescence are the most sensitive period of our lives. During this life stage our attitudes and personality are the most flexible and appropriate therapeutic work can be effective in resolving emotional and behavioral issues early on.

In his practice with children and young people, Kamen uses an interactive method called Sandplay therapy. In playing with sand and a variety of toy figures and using his imagination, the child has the opportunity to express his emotions, conflicts, and concerns in a creative way which helps unlock a healing process. In addition, he often uses other creative methods such as role-playing, drawing, clay modeling, and working with fairy-tales.

The Practice

Sessions take place in a casual and comfortable setting in the Eixample based practice. Kamen offers affordable fees, including a special rate reduction based on need. He also offers a free first session to get a sense of whether he is the right therapist for you.

Address: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 278, 08007 Barcelona

Phone: ( 34) 603 49 04 98

Websites: www.innerwisdomquest.com | www.psicodramabarcelona.com