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Barcelona Pushes For Green Spaces

If you´re walking through the Eixample district, you´ll notice the holm oaks and lush plane trees planted along the road that distinguish Eixample as the neighborhood with the best green corridors in the city. Street trees form an important part of Barcelona’s natural heritage, and have been identified by city planners as a crucial contribution to […]

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What is Tabarnia?

In the past few weeks, Tabarnia has become a buzz word in Barcelona and throughout the rest of Spain. In the wake of the recent Catalan independence referendum and the resulting discontent, Tabarnia developed as a political movement operating under the slogan “Barcelona is not Catalonia.” But what exactly is Tabarnia and what does it advocate […]

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Where to find fashionable clothes for tall and curvy women

Spain is known for its fashion and well-dressed citizens, so it comes as no surprise that everywhere you look in Barcelona you will find great shopping. While as fun as shopping and the thrill of going on a shopping spree are, it can sometimes be a nightmare for women who are tall or curvy to […]

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