Month: October 2017


Where to Play Darts in Barcelona

If you think of a classic pub there are many things that come to mind to create the perfect ambiance: cold beer on tap, good music, and some great games like Foosball and darts. Nowadays it isn’t as common to find darts in bars but there are still some places in Barcelona where you can play […]

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Discover Palafrugell

Palafrugell, a municipality in the province of Girona, Catalonia, sits along the magical Mediterranean coastline of Costa Brava. Historically, the region was famous for its cork production industry which served many local Catalan vineyards. It has, however, been transformed in recent years into a popular holiday destination for both foreigners and Spanish locals alike. The municipality includes […]

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How to buy tickets to La Pedrera, or Casa Milà?

One of the most recognized monuments in Barcelona is Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, an amazing work by Barcelona’s most famous architect Antoni Gaudí. Completed in 1912, Casa Milà was designed to be a private residence and was commissioned by Pere Milà. It remained a home until the 1960s when the original owners died […]

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Delicious Bolets: a treasure that grows from the ground!

Bolets (mushrooms) at the market. Many people celebrate the arrival of Autumn because it is time for ‘Bolets’! Find mushrooms in the woods is close to a sport in Catalonia (there are even official competitions about it), and in order to succeed you need some certain skills, knowledge, intuition, and also, a little bit of luck. So […]

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What makes El Born so special in Barcelona?

During the past years, many citizens from Barcelona have started enjoying el Born, one of the most special places in Barcelona. El Born is the Catalan name for the street enclosure dedicated to the medieval jousts between knights during the beloved tournaments, the traditional celebrations across Europe in the middle ages. Passeig del Born was the […]

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BGB will return to normal activity tomorrow after cancelling all its tours today due to the general strike

Barcelona Guide Bureau condemns the scenes of violence that took place in Catalonia on the occasion of the referendum held on October 1st. These facts have nothing to do with the quiet and civic lifestyle of a city, Barcelona, which receives thousands of visitors daily. Today we closed all our tours due to the general […]

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