Year: 2017


Discover Masonic Barcelona

Freemasonry, the noted fraternity with its mysterious meanings, was first documented in Spain around 1728. They went through periods of time in which they flourished and others in which they were demonized as heretics. The most noted down period was when General Franco banned them from the country, demolished any existence of Freemasonry, and persecuted […]

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Best Nurseries in Gracia

For residents with children, especially those who are toddlers or entering the pre-school years, finding the right nursery may be a tough decision because you want your child to be safe and have the best education possible. Some of the more notable nurseries could be far out in a different area of Barcelona rather than […]

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African Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is not only home to some of Europe’s best cuisine but to plenty of delicious international food as well, including the traditional tastes of Spain’s southern neighbor, Africa. From Moroccan to Ethiopian and everything in between, here are some of the best African food restaurants in Barcelona. Related article: Top 10 Restaurants in Barcelona by TripAdvisor […]

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Mattress Stores in Barcelona

Do you find you’re losing sleep? Maybe work is getting you down or you’re feeling a bit stressed in your life. Whatever the reason, its better to be tossing and turning on a brand new mattress rather than an old, worn out one. As an apartment rental company, ShBarcelona knows a thing or two about the importance […]

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Reiki Sessions in Eixample

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice to reduce stress and grow calming energy. A specialist in the practice can restructure the balance of energy in the body to even it all out. The thought is that energy flows inside us just like our blood, and when the energy levels are unbalanced, we can even them […]

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The First Tesla Store in Spain

In the era of environmentalism, Europe has been taking the lead in new forms of transportation without the use of gasoline. People still need their own cars, but they have become an expensive commodity to own and handle. Many European automakers have turned to electric vehicles, and the American-based Tesla has jumped in to sell their […]

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Gaudí Exhibition Center

The Gaudí Exhibition Center is situated in the medieval Casa de la Pia Almoina, which incorporates the old Roman wall and ancient entrance to Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. The museum consists of 1,000 square metres, distributed over three floors covering the life and work of the great Catalan architect. Introduction The journey begins with a spectacular […]

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BGB and La Marató Tv3 “a walk through La Rambla and El Raval”

Author and guide: Nuria Bargalló. Our participants during La Marató Tv3 in La Rambla The first Marathon of TV3 took place in 1992. It is a solidarity project promoted by Televisió de Catalunya, Catalunya Ràdio and Fundació La Marató de TV3 and focused on obtaining economic resources for the scientific investigation of diseases that, for […]

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