Sagrada Família


Where to Find Inspiration for Your Artistry in Barcelona

Report by Lucy Peters. Brushstrokes of Barcelona: Where to Find Inspiration for Your Artistry Barcelona is a city enriched with culture and beauty. When touring the city, every corner is marked with history. Many look towards this city to spark creativity; artist such as Picasso and Dalí have looked to the city for inspiration. Depending on […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Touring Barcelona

Barcelona 101: Why, When, and Where? I recently talked to someone who’s traveling to Barcelona soon, and they mentioned how overwhelming it has been to plan their trip. While they know which attractions they want to see most—finding information about tickets and guided tours has been a time-consuming task for them. I helped them out, […]

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The Catalan Big Brother – The best webcams in Barcelona

What better way to have a first approach to a city than watching its life live. Webcams are becoming more and more popular in the most important cities of the world and Barcelona cannot lag behind. Yes, we also have them in our city and we are going to tell you which are the best […]

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Curiosities about Sagrada Família in Barcelona

Barcelona’s main Attraction, Gaudí’s Sixtine Chapel, yes: Today we are going to talk about Sagrada Família. This splendorous Basilica, the expiatory temple of the Sagrada Família, has a long story, like many worshiping monuments. Since the history of the building is still very recent, we are fortunate to talk about many curiosities regarding Barcelona’s main attraction, which […]

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Dal Moro’s

Dal Moro’s serves fresh, natural, fast and inexpensive Italian cuisine. Gabriele Dal Moro launched his pasta restaurant in Venice in 2012, respecting tradition and using fresh local produce as the basis of the menu. Sauces include Amatriciana, Arrabbiata, Bolognese, Boscaiola, Frutti di Mare, Carbonara, Ai Formaggi and Pomodoro. The pasta is topped with a generous […]

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Unveiled façades of the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia The Sagrada Familia is the masterpiece of the architect, Antonio Gaudí, (in Catalan the building is called Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família). This architectural beauty that you can’t miss if you visit Barcelona belongs to the Catalan modernisme but combines others styles from different ages. This is because despite starting in 1882, […]

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