Month: November 2016


Practice yoga in Sant Andreu

Finding a yoga studio that is the perfect fit can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge, depending on your schedule, budget, and the type of yoga that you want to practice. There are many yoga studios in Barcelona but if you are living long-term in the Sant Andreu district, here are some studios […]

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Spend December like a local: Santa Llúcia, the ‘Immaculate bridge’, and the figures of Christmas

Christmas market in front of the Cathedral Smells like Christmas when December begins. It is a month where there is a lot of activity –but also with some stops-, in Barcelona, not only related to what is going on around December 25th. There are also very interesting traditions that are really worth (and even useful!) […]

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Renting out a furnished or unfurnished apartment

From the moment you have an apartment you wish to rent out, the question arises: should I rent my apartment furnished or unfurnished? While you will obviously save money if you decide not to furnish before renting, you may end up losing money in the long run, since a furnished apartment is much more attractive and should […]

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Hairdressers in Sagrada Familia

Whether you’re in Barcelona as a tourist, or you’ve decided to settle here, it’s always good to look your best. So, while you’re here you might need help with your personal grooming, whether it’s for that special occasion, or just for a regular touch up.  Here’s a list of the top Here’s a list of […]

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Unveiled façades of the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia The Sagrada Familia is the masterpiece of the architect, Antonio Gaudí, (in Catalan the building is called Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família). This architectural beauty that you can’t miss if you visit Barcelona belongs to the Catalan modernisme but combines others styles from different ages. This is because despite starting in 1882, […]

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Dungeons, dragons and Girona with a Guide

Reasons to take a guide Should we book a guide for this? Such question comes up when we are thinking to visit other places nearby our destination. Last time I travelled, I spent some days in Switzerland and proved again that there’s nothing better than proper planning. When I spent one day wandering around Geneva […]

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Beautiful carpets of Cement: the colourful world of the ‘hydraulic tile’

Different Tiles Discover one of the best hidden and amazing secrets of Barcelona’s vintage flats For over a hundred years, Cement tiles –better known as encaustic or ‘hydraulic’ tiles, have paved the floors of thousands of Barcelona flats with beautiful shapes and colours. It is probably the Catalan way to have a carpet: it is […]

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