Month: May 2017


Best restaurants by neighborhood

In Barcelona you can choose from tasty tapas, authentic Thai food, delicious sushi, spicy Indian, sophisticated French dishes and even enjoy the ultimate dining experience at Michelin star restaurants. So to help you choose where to go for your next meal, here are the best restaurants by neighborhood. Poblenou Xiringuito Escribà Photo by jlastras via […]

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The boulevard of broken tyles: Gaudí’s most known mosaics

One of most famous symbols of Barcelona’s identity, the mosaic technique used by Gaudí, like many artists in Catalan Art Nouveau, is still in vogue. The name of this technique comes from the main feature perceived at first sight: broken tiles, plates and cups. Trencar means in Catalan ‘To break’, hence trencadís is the equivalent for ‘breakable’. The […]

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Running groups in Barcelona

Humans are runners. From the Kalahari desert tribes, who go hunting on foot, running for 6 hours straight, to the city-dwellers of Europe making haste to catch their morning commute or having a jog to relax their minds. Barcelonians are no exception to this and here is a rundown of the running groups in Barcelona. Prorunners […]

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Alternative architecture to discover in Barcelona

Barcelona is famously known for its gorgeous architecture. The city is the home of dazzling constructions such as La Pedrera, Casa Amatller, Park Güell, Casa Lleó Morera and Hospital de Sant Pau. But there are other very interesting architectonic landmarks that are worth being visited. Some of them can be explored on the inside, while […]

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Dal Moro’s

Dal Moro’s serves fresh, natural, fast and inexpensive Italian cuisine. Gabriele Dal Moro launched his pasta restaurant in Venice in 2012, respecting tradition and using fresh local produce as the basis of the menu. Sauces include Amatriciana, Arrabbiata, Bolognese, Boscaiola, Frutti di Mare, Carbonara, Ai Formaggi and Pomodoro. The pasta is topped with a generous […]

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“David Bowie is” Exhibition

From 25 May to 25 September 2017 the exhibition “David Bowie is” will be shown at the Design Museum of Barcelona. The Design Museum of Barcelona will be the only venue in Spain to host “David Bowie is”, the successful and ground-breaking exhibition organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (V&A). The exhibition has […]

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Surprising details to discover in Girona

Onyar river in Girona with colourful houses and Sant Felix in the background You can have a wonderful day just strolling around the streets of Girona. Admire the river with its colourful houses, cross every bridge, each one different and with a legend or story behind. Walk up to the oldest part of the old […]

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Sun, sea and sand: Which beaches of Barcelona are the local’s favorites?

Barcelona beach panoramic Although the beaches are one of the many reasons why hundreds of thousands of tourists are attracted to Barcelona every year, the truth is that the stylish coastline is quite recent. Believe it or not, it was not so long ago that locals lived with their backs to the sea. The transformation that the city […]

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