Month: December 2018


Five must-see places if you’re passing through Barcelona

If you are lucky enough be visiting this picturesque city and want to take full advantage of your stay but don’t know where to begin, there are multiple option for short-term rental apartments where you can stay. Being such a thriving and lively city, you are likely to be close to a central point of […]

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North American Food in Barcelona

Fast food, hamburgers so big they’re difficult to eat, onion rings, chicken nuggets…. All these iconic foods imported from the United States have had huge success throughout the world, even in cultures with vastly different styles of food such as the Mediterranean where fruits, vegetables and legumes make up the majority of plates. North American […]

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Common Catalan Dishes

The culinary offering in any tourist destination is always one of the most highly-anticipated elements of a city, and an especially dynamic and delicious offering awaits in Barcelona. Visitors to the Ciudad Condal are not left disappointed when it comes to the culinary scene, with visitors on average devoting around 30% of their budget to […]

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Guide to Roman Barcelona

Barcelona traces its origins over 2,000 years ago to the Roman colony called Barcino. It was founded by Emperor Augustus during the period of 15-10 BC, and the full Latin name of the colony was Iulia Augusta Faventia Paterna Barcino. Many remains of Barcino still exist in various locations of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Acroteria of […]

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El Raval Neighborhood Guide

Index: History | Public Art | Museums | Restaurants | Hotels | Nightlife | Shopping | Safety El Raval is a vibrant multi-cultural neighborhood in the heart of Barcelona. The part closest to the old port was also known as Barri Xinès or Barrio Chino (Chinatown). Famous for it’s edgy and bohemian vibe, it has […]

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