BGB will return to normal activity tomorrow after cancelling all its tours today due to the general strike


Barcelona Guide Bureau condemns the scenes of violence that took place in Catalonia on the occasion of the referendum held on October 1st. These facts have nothing to do with the quiet and civic lifestyle of a city, Barcelona, which receives thousands of visitors daily.

Today we closed all our tours due to the general strike but we will return to normal activity tomorrow with the same safety, enthusiasm and passion for our work as always.

Also, transport, monuments and streets are closed or suffering cuts today. If you are visiting Barcelona you must know:

*Today, minimum services in metro and bus for general strike: -6.30 to 9.30 and from 5 to 8 p.m.: 25%. The rest: without service.

-Last minute information about metro lines on:

-Check a specific bus line on: Bus information.

*Do you know the cut streets? check here. More information on the website of transit.

*Town Hall website for any information: Ajuntament de Barcelona.

*More information calling: 012.

*Any emergency calling: 112.

*Also our BGB office for any information about your next tour:( 34) 932 682 422.