CLUBHAUS is an all-day hangout where co-creation happens, inspired by amigos, fueled by the three things that keep us alive: food art play. FOOD AND ART.

The multi-conceptual space in El Born is housed in an impressive 19th century building and includes two restaurants, three bars, a karaoke room, a games area and a room with DJs.

The brainchild of Joel Serra, a chef who breaks rules inside and outside the kitchen, and Alberto Mateos, musician and passionate about art, CLUBHAUS is a home away from home for all the creative minds of Barcelona, ​​creating a space for synergies and co-creations.

“We want to reinforce the idea that being creative is like beauty – it’s an attitude. And in CLUBHAUS, we are all creative…surrounded by artists from all disciplines, we offer a place to enhance that attitude creative sharing experiences and creating synergies”.

Alberto Mateos

Address: Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 13, 08003 Barcelona