Month: August 2017


La Taverna del Clínic

Brothers Toni and Manuel Simôes opened La Taverna del Clínic in 2006, near the restaurant founded by their father in 1973. The initial concept was to launch a restaurant more modern than others in the Hospital Clínic area. The young chef Toni Simôes (1983) made a name for himself with his tapas and imaginative dishes. Classics include his […]

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Marimurtra Botanical Garden

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden is situated in Blanes on the Costa Brava, about a one hour drive from Barcelona. The cliff top setting gives magnificent views out to the Mediterranean sea. The gardens are home to over four thousand plant species, from regions including Africa and Central America. The gardens were created around 1920 by […]

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How to rent country houses in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city with so much to offer that you may be tempted to stay only within its limits, but the truth is that Catalonia is a beautiful region that is worthy of being explored. This area of Spain has miles of beautiful coastline, beaches, parks, and mountains, which is why we suggest that […]

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We will never stop walking along La Rambla

Our customers in a tour in La Rambla of Barcelona “Ramblejar” as we say in Catalonia, or what is the same, walk along La Rambla of Barcelona, ​​is very common and appetizing on summer evenings when the sun gives a truce and temperatures drop. This iconic boulevard has become the obligated stop of millions of tourists who […]

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Laughter therapy in Barcelona

Life can be stressful at times and one of the best ways to cheer up is to share a laugh with someone. It has been proven that laughter reduces stress and anxiety, makes us feel good, and can even extend our lifespan. There are many things that can cause us to laugh spontaneously but laughter therapy is […]

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Give your skin the care it deserves with LE PURE

If you are a beauty addict or you if you are trying to find a brand of quality products that will protect your skin from the daily aggressions of life in the city, you will no doubt want the very best that the market has to offer. ShBarcelona has done the research for you and […]

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Bellavista del Jardín del Norte

Grup Iglesias and Rodrigo Messi (the oldest brother of Lionel Messi) joined forces to create the town themed Bellavista del Jardín del Norte restaurant. Different areas such a church, a fountain, a newspaper kiosk, a pub and even a barbershop each have their unique functions. For example guests can refill their water (with or without […]

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Secret Gardens of Barcelona

By Dan Blystone Barcelona has relatively few major parks, with Parc de la Ciutadella, Park Güell and the sprawling Parc de Collserola coming first to mind. However, the city is also home to a collection of charming gardens, sometimes hidden away in places you would not expect. Jardins de Joan Maragall *** These beautiful gardens on Montjuïc […]

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