All you need to know to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 

How to celebrate Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Barcelona as a local? Barcelona’s holiday season is magical. The city is filled with decorated Christmas trees, nativity scenes, Christmas markets, and other rich traditions that bring the season to life.  Us Catalans have some of our own traditions that you won’t find anywhere else. When […]

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Traditions with the beginning of the year: from the ‘Man of the noses’ to the ‘Three Kings’

Celebration of New Year in Barcelona A great way to enjoy even more your stay in Barcelona (if you visit the city during the first days of the year) is to know some curious traditions. Legends and myths that involve from The Three Kings or Three Wise Men of Bethlem to eating grapes at Midnight […]

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Fingers crossed for the big draw of the lottery in Spain

Lottery winners past years One of the most awaited moments of Christmas for the Spanish families is not Christmas Eve or New Year Eve but it is December 22nd. If we look at the calendar we won’t find any bank holidays on this day but it is a date in which the hopes and dreams […]

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5 Churches you should not miss at Christmas in Barcelona

Are you in Barcelona for Christmas? Good news, you have plenty of things to do for this end of the year! I strongly recommend that you don’t miss any of these beautiful or stunning churches! 1 – Catedral de Barcelona Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter Located in the gothic quarter, the Cathedral of Barcelona – also […]

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Spend December like a local: Santa Llúcia, the ‘Immaculate bridge’, and the figures of Christmas

Christmas market in front of the Cathedral Smells like Christmas when December begins. It is a month where there is a lot of activity –but also with some stops-, in Barcelona, not only related to what is going on around December 25th. There are also very interesting traditions that are really worth (and even useful!) […]

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