3 Reasons to Come to Barcelona for Your MBA in 2021


As the year is almost at its end, we also look forward to the new year and all the plans we have, like coming to Barcelona to study an MBA. The city has been welcoming both national and international students, so you will have no problem adapting.

Would you like to live in a more international environment? Do you enjoy spending time at the beach? Well, then the Mediterranean will be an excellent location to study, and maybe there is some time to relax in between exams, allowing you to visit more rural areas. Barcelona’s metro lines will take you right to the mountains.

This article will tell you all about the best reasons to come to Barcelona for your MBA, and it will also inform you of some of the Covid-19 measures, which will still be effective in the first few months of 2021. Then we will discuss a couple of universities, and help you decide where to live during your stay in Barcelona.

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Will you come to Barcelona for your MBA in 2021?

Once you have decided you want to study in Barcelona, the next step is thinking about where you are going to stay in this lovely city. ShBarcelona’s portfolio consists of many types of accommodation, also student accommodation.

The city of Barcelona has opened up its neighbourhoods and welcomes many students each year. So if you wish to do your MBA in Barcelona in 2021, you will find it very easy to adapt to the city and city life in general.

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Why study an MBA in Barcelona?

Some studies allow for you to do a part of it abroad, others can be complemented with a year or longer at another university. And if you want to work on your resume, think about doing a master’s or postgraduate degree in a different country.

Is Barcelona the right city for you? That is the main question you need to answer before planning your trip, as it’s usually a combination of factors and not just one. It’s all about the unique experience of doing an MBA in a big and lively city.

1) Quality of business schools

Barcelona is home to two of the 20 best ranked MBA programmes in the world in. More specifically, IESE is in 11th place, and 13th is ESADE. Next is EADA – in the 141th spot – and somewhere between number 151 and 200 is EAE Business School and ESIC Business & Marketing School. GBSB (Global Business School) has ranked just outside of the top 200 schools.

? The data mentioned comes from an independant website that compares MBA’s: topmba.com.

We will now describe the two most important schools on the list for you: IESE en ESADE.

IESE – best business school in Spain

IESE has been at the top of the list of best ranking MBA’s for years, and if you value getting the best possible job with the best possible paycheck, this is the only choice you need to make.

The school is located in the hills of the established district of Sarriá-Sant Gervasi, overlooking the centre of Barcelona. IESE is a first-class MBA programme, and you will definitely benefit from including the name of this school on your resume. If you want to have a career in finances or consultancy, this is the place to be.

We must admit that IESE is the most expensive option to study in Barcelona, but with an active recruitment network, you are almost guaranteed a traineeship or job at impressive companies like Bain, McKinsey, BCG or Fortune Global 500.

ShBarcelona has apartments for rent in Sarrià Sant-Gervasi, and these are especially interesting for IESE students who wish to live close to their university.

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ESADE – MBA on technology and innovation park

Together with IE Business School Madrid, ESADE has been climbing up the ladder for the last 15 years. And despite not having the same extensive history as IESE, ESADE enjoys an international team of teachers and lecturers, and it collaborataes with several international corporations, offering law and language programmes.

Any student that appreciates innovation will have to go for ESADE at the Creapolis Campus in Sant Cugat. Although you might be less happy with travelling for half an hour each day from Barcelona city centre, proffessional possibilities at ESADE are unparalleled, and they are the frontrunners on creative business models.

Additional information: ESADE has a location in Barcelona for exams. It is in the neighbourhood of Pedralbes, where you can also find its library. With this fact in mind, ShBarcelona has made an inventory of requests made by students, and that is why there is a long list of available apartments in Pedralbes.

If you prefer renting an apartment together with another student, you can opt for a place in Eixample, which is the best district for sharing accommodation.

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2) Barcelona culture and life

As with living in any city or other part of the world, 2020 has not been the best year due to Covid-19. Not much will probably change in the beginning of 2021, as social distancing is still the rule and future lockdowns cannot be completely avoided. This doesn’t mean, however, that people in the city have stopped living.

The 3 basic corner stones of Spanish life are still: terraces, tapas, and bars and vermuterias. This is what locals live for, and anyone visiting Barcelona will ofcourse try Catalan cuisine by sharing some tasty dishes outside on a bar’s terrace. Don’t forget to read all about the best terraces with spectacular views of Barcelona.

You should also try a vermouth, which is a typical aperitif in Catalonia. Many MBA students enjoy their weekend in the city with a couple of these drinks.

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3) Barcelona’s climate and geographical location

When you come to Barcelona, you expect a Mediterranean climate with lovely temperatures all year round, but if you plan on arriving in January for your MBA, you’d better come with a suitcase with some warm clothes as well. January and February are two of the coldest months, although March is already a bit warmer, and this is when spring starts.

Don’t spend all your time reading books and preparing presentations when coming to Barcelona for your MBA. Take some time off and relax. You can hire a car and go on a daytrip, or take the train in Barcelona and enjoy a weekend outside of the busy city.

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Where do you want to live when you’re in Barcelona for your MBA?

This is a typical question that every students asks before arriving in Barcelona. Luckily ShBarcelona is an expert in offering its services to international students.

The sales department and personal managers speak several languages, and they will be able to assist you during the entire length of your stay. Check out all available monthly rentals in Barcelona, they are furnished, fully equipped and ready to move into.

Will you be visiting the city with more students at the same time? No problem at all! We can help you find 2, 3 or 4-bedroom apartments in the district of Eixample or Gràcia. These are some of the best districts for MBA students.

Are you contemplating visiting Barcelona in 2021 for your MBA?

Share your thoughts and advice in the comment section.