Best Areas in the City for Living Peacefully


The city of Barcelona is a very diverse city, with many different areas. Depending on the neighbourhood you choose, you will find all kinds of services, as for instance in l’Eixample. You can also opt for quieter zones within the city, where you can enjoy parks and gardens.

If you would rather live in a more relaxed part of the city, without really leaving the city, do not miss this article by ShBarcelona.

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The quieter neighbourhoods in Barcelona

Les Corts

view of Les Corts and Camp Nou

Photo by mjordana via Visualhunt

The Les Corts neighbourhood is a central part of the Les Corts district, and during the day a lot of people come to work here, as there are many company headquarters and offices in this neighbourhood. At the end of the day, however, most of these people go back to their homes, which leads to the Les Corts neighbourhood being a very quiet area.

It is a middle and upper-middle class district in the city, and there is good public transport to other areas of Barcelona. You will also find many services and shopping possibilities in this neighbourhood.

If you are looking for a safe area to move to, this neighbourhood has excellent connections thanks to a great public transport system, and it is close to the famous Camp Nou stadium. The  Les Corts neighbourhood is worth considering if you are looking for a quiet place to live.


This is one of the quietest neighbourhoods in the city near Ronda de Dalt, located in the Zona Alta (upper part of the city). The main tourist attractions in this area are Park Güell and other Catalan modernism structures, such as Casa Marsans and Casa Comes d’Argemir.

The neighbourhood has several green zones with magnificent parks, like Jardins del Turó del Putget and Parque de la Creueta del Coll, and it is located near the Sierra de Collserola mountain range.

As this neighbourhood lies in between mountains, there are streets on steep hills, which could literally be an obstacle if you would like to move to this area. Barcelona City Council has solved this problem for many people by providing the neighbourhood with escalators and minibuses. These buses will bring you to different parts of the neighbourhood.

The houses in the Vallcarca i els Penitents neighbourhood are generally apartment blocks with a limited number of floors, houses and a few villas, most of which have been refurbished and converted into luxury homes.

Housing prices in Vallcarca i els Penitents are mostly on the level medium to high, and this neighbourhood takes the fourth or fifth position on the list of most expensive apartments in Barcelona.

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Font d’en Fargues

quiet square in barcelona with bench

Photo via Pixabay

La Font d’en Fargues (or La Font d’en Fargas) is a residential neighbourhood in Barcelona, and it is located within the district of Horta-Guinardó. You will find it in the southern part of the Horta district and north of the Rovira hill, between the fountain that carries the same name and the Carabassa stream.

The name actually comes from a fountain, which was said to have beneficial effects on one’s health. It was also an important place for parties and neighbourhood gatherings.

The neighbourhood starting being developed in 1905, by transforming the Can Pujol farmhouse lands in the style of a garden city on the initiative of Pere Fargas i Sagristà. The neighbourhood’s name comes from Fargas, and he was also the one who promoted the development of turrets in 1915.

The neighbourhood’s buildings are mainly based on farmhouses and old houses, that have been refurbished into luxury homes. One of the oldest private schools in the city, the English Princess Margaret School, can be found in Font d’en Fargues.

This neighbourhood is still very unknown and really quiet. This neighbourhood makes you feel like you are living in a more rural area. There are not many services, but it does have a sports centre, pharmacies, a community centre and a supermarket.

Is there another quiet neighbourhood in Barcelona you can recommend?