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How Much Savings You Need When Buying an Apartment in Barcelona in 2020

The following question is the most important question anyone should ask himself before buying an apartment in Barcelona: How much should I have in my savings account? Buying a home will probably be the biggest investment during your life, so you should know beforehand how much you should have saved to pay for a property, […]

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Attending a Homeowners’ Association Meeting in Barcelona

A meeting with the homeowners association can be boring and time-consuming. They usually take place during the week, and just when you get home after a long day of hard work and want to put your feet up, you see the meeting on your calendar… So no, no time to relax, because all property owners […]

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Tips for Buying a Second Home

Many people would like to have the possibility of buying a second home. They would select a location that is close to where they spend their holidays and where they normally rent a property. Having a summer house shows a part of your status and financial means, but whether you want to buy a big […]

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