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How Can You Rent an Apartment With Pets?

This might be hard to believe, but sometimes it can be quite difficult to find an apartment with your pet.  Many of us enjoy spending time with our pet, and experts say living with pets actually benefits humans psychologically. Besides these positives, we love the energy and loyalty that comes with owning one or more […]

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10 Ways to Guarantee Rental Income Every Month

Rent out your rental property safely with ShBarcelona Many property owners share the concern on how to guarantee rental income from their property. This question is being asked on a regular basis, and that is not really strange, because when you decide to rent out your property, it comes with a certain amount of uncertainty.  […]

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New Rent Reference Index in Barcelona: Information And FAQ’s on The New Law

With the new law on urgent measures to limit rent on residential leases, Law 11/2020, that came into force on 22 September 2020, Barcelona entered a new phase to regulate rental prices by introducing a housing rent reference index. This Law aims to set a limit on prices of rental accommodations through the index. Up […]

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11 Tips for Renting a Shared Apartment in Barcelona

If you want to start living on your own or want to move to and live in Barcelona, sharing an apartment is an option you should definitely consider. It is actually very common for many young people and students to share a place in Barcelona, as they cannot yet afford a place of their own. […]

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