Fabric Shops in Barcelona


Many people in Barcelona want to be as self-sufficient as possible at the moment, and they do this by making the most of their resources and by not giving in to compulsive consumer behaviour occurring in a capitalist society.

One of the things people seem to have more and more trouble to participate in, is the large, cheap clothing manufacturing that profit from cheap labour from developing countries. Sometimes it even involves child labor…

Thanks to this situation, lots of people are starting to make and fix their own clothing again. This has led to a huge increase in the number of fabric shops, although this number had originally been diminished due to the fact that large multinationals were able to sell clothing at unbeatable prices.

So today, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you more about the best fabric shops in the Catalan capital.

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Making your own clothes with Barcelona’s fabric shops


red, pink and purple fabrics

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Antoniona’s owner is passionate about fabrics, designs and colours, and led by this passion, she travelled to India to discover new fabrics, witnessed their manufacturing methods and chose the most special, innovative and unique designs and materials for Barcelona’s textile market.

All the textile materials you will find at Antoniona’s is hand-stamped, with wooden stamps that have been carved by hand. They take special care and follow traditions, as they have been doing in this region for decades.

Fabrics at Antoniona are made of 100% cotton, as this fixates the dyes in the most perfect way and guarantees long-lasting resulst. Antoniona’s fabric shop is located at Calle Asturias, 34 in the district of Gracia, near the green metro line’s stop of Fontana.

Gratacós Surf in Barceloneta Beach.

Gratacós is also located in Gracia, but at Riera Sant Miquel 9. This is one of the most traditional fabric shops in the Catalan capital. It is based on entrepreneurship, the desire to innovate, and, above all, a taste for fashion and fabrics.

Three generations have already been working at one of the most promising textile companies in Barcelona, and these generations share the same vision and passion: to make it possible for others to design the best clothing with the most unique fabrics and other materials on the market.

Gratacós is active in more than 70 countries, and many of the greatest designers and haute couture firms have been using this fabric company, staying true to their fabrics and Gratacós’ professionalism and experience.

You will find a great selection of excellent quality fabrics at Gratacós, and designs are innovative and extraordinary. If you are looking for lovely fabrics for your own elegant and good quality creations, Gratacós is the best place to go fabric shopping.

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Ribes & Casals

light coloured fabrics

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Ribes & Casals has been selling fabrics to wholesalers in Barcelona for many years now, more specifically they started doing so in the year 1933!

They have five different fabric stores in the country, and one of them is located in Barcelona in the district of Ciutat Vella, while others have opened in the cities of Madrid, Malaga, Seville and Palma de Mallorca. You can also buy fabrics in their online store.

Ribes & Casals offers a great variety of fabrics that are currently available on the textile market. Service is always personal and professional, and they are dedicated to helping and satisfying each and every fabric shopping client.

They sell a large number of fabrics for really any type of design you can imagine, including linen for interior decorations. They also sell haberdashery.

Is there another fabric store in Barcelona you can recommend?