Hike from Cadaqués to Far de Calanans


The hike from Cadaqués to the nearest lighthouse, Far de Calanans takes you past several beaches and coves and in parts leads along a narrow cliff path, offering stunning views.


The hike begins with walking past Plaja de Portdoguer, pictured above.

Cadaqués and Cala Sa Conca

Looking back at Cadaqués, in the foreground is Cala Sa Conca.

Cadaques cliff

The path as it crosses above Sa Sabolla.

cadaques hike 3

View from the rocky cliff path.

Sa Sabolla

Crossing above Sa Sabolla, the second cove along the route.

Far de Calanans

After about an hour long hike the path leads to the lighthouse, Far de Calanans.

Far de Calanans

This hike is relatively short, compared with the more ambitious hike to Cap de Creus and its lighthouse.