Music Festivals outside Barcelona XI: Arenal Sound 2016


This article belongs to a multi-part series about music festivals outside Barcelona. There are a lot of beautiful places to see and plenty of great live music to enjoy, so make sure to check out the other entries as well.

There are so many cool things you can do in Spain in the summer – one of them being a trip down the coast to camp by the beach and attend a music festival. Well, how’s your August looking? Because that’s the month when, from 2 to 7, Arenal Sound 2016 will take place in the coastal town of Burriana, Castellón.

A festival that started in 2010, Arena Sound has been growing year after year thanks to fantastic line-ups and the support of its faithful attendees, which the organizers call “sounders”.

The Arenal Sound Experience

The “sounder” experience starts with the scenery. Located by Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by beautiful fields of orange trees, Burriana features 15km of coastline, 2 of them making up “El Arenal”, the breathtaking beach that names the event.

Camping by the beach is an integral part of being a sounder, so forget about hostels, hotels or comfortable apartments and choose one of the two available tent areas. Once you’re installed, take off your shoes, dip your toes in the sand and share the exquisite sunsets with someone special.


But wait – there’s music too! With the two first nights being dedicated to dance music, with plenty of DJs and exciting digital artists to dance to, the concert shows kick-off on the third day with a schedule full of recognizable names and fresh new bands for you to discover. Here are some of the acts you’ll be able to see at Arenal Sound 2016:

Crystal Fighters (Thursday, August 4) – An English band that seamlessly mixes folk and electronica, they’ll be looking to hypnotize your mind and feet with their own unique brand of psychedelia.

Kaiser Chiefs (Friday, August 5) – Named after a South African football club, the boys from Leeds are set on continuously reviving the new wave revival that took the world by storm a decade ago. Expect catchy hooks and a high-energy that is sure to make you jump all night.

I’m from Barcelona (Saturday, August 6) – They aren’t really from Barcelona. Known for their 28 members and for utilizing a great variety of instrumentation, these Swedes do the kind of lighthearted indie pop that fits the beach setting of Burriana just right.

The Hives (Sunday, August 7) – While The Strokes were dragging rock & roll out of its grave in North America, The Hives were doing the same in Europe. With their upcoming 6th album coming sooner rather than later, be on the lookout for some fresh tunes from the Swedish garage rockers.

More Info

How to get there – It takes 3 hours to drive from Barcelona to Burriana and slightly less to do the trip by train. Check the map and all the options avaliable to you , which include an official Arenal Sound bus that goes from Barcelona (and takes you back on August 8).

Tickets – Tickets start at 35€ ( expenses) and you can get them at the festival’s official website, where you can also check all the different packages available.

That’s it. Enjoy the music, enjoy the beach, have fun with your friends and meet new people. Isn’t that what the summer is supposed to be all about?