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Finding a yoga studio that is the perfect fit can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge, depending on your schedule, budget, and the type of yoga that you want to practice. There are many yoga studios in Barcelona but if you are living long-term in the Sant Andreu district, here are some studios that just might work for you.

Yoga Omnium

Photo by: Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

Yoga Omnium is located in the heart of Sant Andreu on Carrer Pons i Gallarza, a short walking distance from the Sant Andreu Metro stop (Line 1). Hatha yoga is the focused practice at this studio, but there are also classes available for aero-yoga and pre-natal yoga. Classes are offered Monday through Friday all throughout the day, with an aero-yoga workshop the first Saturday of each month. This yoga studio is quite affordable, with one class a week costing €35 a month or for 2 classes a week you pay €50. Your first class is free, with no commitment to register afterward. Call Yoga Omnium now for more information about registration!


This yoga studio offers a variety of yoga classes among different disciplines. In addition to hatha, you can also practice kundalini yoga, which is believed to help align your chakras and balance the mind and body. AnuraIoga also has classes specifically for pregnant women, but there is also the possibility to try classes aimed for moms and their young infants. The studio is located on Carrer Servet, just steps away from Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu. You can try a class Monday-Saturday as classes are offered throughout the day, except from 3-6 PM when the center is closed. Additionally, you can try one of the several workshops that are offered by AnuraIoga, as well as their courses in Gestalt therapy. AnuraIoga is the center for you if you’re looking to balance not only your body but your mind as well.

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Pas a Pas

Photo by: Evan-Lovely via Visual hunt / CC BY

Photo by Evan-Lovely via Visual hunt

Pas a Pas is a civic center in Sant Andreu that offers a variety of activities for people of all ages and fitness levels. Located on Calle Santa Marta, around the corner from Plaça d’Orfila and in a beautiful area to rent in Barcelona, you will find the Pas a Pas center. Yoga classes take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings, concentrating on basic yoga poses and techniques. Call or email Pas a Pas today for more information about prices and registration!

Yoga Sant Andreu

Yoga Sant Andreu is on Rambla Fabra i Puig, near the Fabra i Puig Metro stop (Line 1). This studio is unique because it offers classes for kids and families so that children can discover yoga at a young age. The primary discipline is kundalini yoga here as well, offering classes for all ages. You can join Yoga Sant Andreu on excursions as well, as the studio offers trips to places near Barcelona to practice yoga in a new and stimulating setting, for example, Montserrat. For information about prices or schedules, you can contact Yoga Sant Andreu by phone or by email.

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