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A lot of us dream of picking up an acoustic guitar and using our hands to play beautiful melodies capable of impressing anyone. Unfortunately, few people go through with it. Granted, playing acoustic guitar may seem difficult or complicated at first, but like everything in life, becoming a prolific guitarist is all about practice and dedication. If you’re reading this, we’re sure you’re someone who follows their dreams – after all, you’ve made it to Barcelona! Why not catch two dreams with just one net and take advantage of your time in the capital of Catalonia to strum away your doubts and learn how to play acoustic guitar?

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Shine School of Guitar

Photo by Eilam Gil via Visualhunt

Photo by Eilam Gil via Visualhunt

The first specialized guitar school in the city, Shine offers intensive courses in English, Spanish and Catalan. Whatever your age or skill level, its experienced teachers are prepared to respond to your needs with one-on-one, customized classes that will help you make the most of your time in Barcelona. Whether you opt for a shorter, intensive course or a longer, more comprehensive curriculum, you’ll be left equipped with all the skills and knowledge you need to play the songs you love. Shine also allows you to learn the rhythms and tricks of specific musical genres such as flamenco, blues, jazz and folk. For those looking to learn how to play electric guitar, pop and rock lessons are also available.

Address: Carrer del Montseny, 3.

Owen Langer

Photo by andybullock77 via Visualhunt

Photo by andybullock77 via Visualhunt

Teacher Owen Langer allows you to choose between private and group classes. While private lessons are better to start learning the basics and advancing at your own pace, group classes are more dynamic and will allow you to interact with other people at a musical level, which is very important if you wish to pursue a career as a musician in the future. Learn styles from classical to reggae, taught in one of five languages. Owen is fluent in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Russian, so choose the one most suited to you and no knowledge will be lost in translation. Owen also offers songwriting, recording, theory and music notation classes. Due to the wide array of musical tools you can acquire from him, Owen is one of your best and most complete options when it comes to learning acoustic guitar in Barcelona.

Address: Contact [email protected]

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Photo by Toni Blay via Visualhunt

Photo by Toni Blay via Visualhunt

Alex is an English freelance teacher. An experienced player skillful in both acoustic and electric guitar, he’s putting his stay in Barcelona and his 10 years of strumming to good use by passing on his prowess in the instrument to anyone wishing to learn. Alex is fluent in a variety of styles and has dealt with musicians of different skill levels over the years. In addition to the mechanical aspects of playing acoustic guitar, he will also teach you music theory and improvisation, which will be valuable assets on your path to becoming an effective and reliable musician. As a big plus, Alex has a very good home recording studio which can be quite handy when you feel confident enough in your abilities to share your music with the world.

Address: Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 218.

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