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The decoration of your home always reflects your personality, your tastes but also your financial means. However, it is possible to have a chic decoration with some simple and cheap good ideas. So, if you want to discover all the tips to decorate your home in a modern and elegant style, ShBarcelona presents you its secrets to have a decoration based on pure lines, elegance and simplicity.

The modern style

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If there is one decorative style that has been assimilated by interior designers in recent years, it is the modern style. This type of decoration is ideal for urban, elegant and modern people who like to have versatile furniture. Indeed, the modern decorative style has the advantage of requiring little furniture – but always well chosen – with a simple design, neutral colours and pure lines. Opulence and self-control are thus forgotten, giving way to sophistication and a palette of sober colours such as grey, white and black, but always associated with a few small touches of colour.

Modern style is combined with values such as order, minimalism and simplicity. To know the origins of the modern decorative style, you have to go to Germany and more specifically to the Bauhaus school, the cradle of simplicity and functionality. By its very nature, modern decoration is also one of the most versatile because it blends very well with many other styles. This is why, in many private and public places, you will find modern interiors alongside classic, vintage, contemporary and even rustic elements. And it is in this blend that the key to transforming a pure and strict modern style into something unique, warm and personal lies.

Tips for a modern trendy style

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The minimalist style is the basis of modern decoration. Indeed, the modern style is closely linked to the concept of minimalism because the spaces are refined and the objects have a simple design. The lines are pure, clean and simple. No tricks. There are no ornaments, geometric shapes and functional and versatile furniture predominate. Light also plays a major role in this style of decoration because not all spaces are filled with furniture and good lighting will enhance the exposed furniture. It is therefore an essential part of the layout of the rooms.

Natural light enhances the space by providing warmth and naturalness. If this natural light is rare, there are other techniques to enhance it. Two-tone, white, black, black and brown and grey are colours that are widely used in modern style. And while neutral colours are very popular, you can also enhance it with more festive tones and colourful touches in textiles, curtains, carpets, cushions or frames. When choosing furniture, use simple but noble materials. Glass objects, iron furniture or sofas, armchairs or leather carpets are finally accessories and furniture that will complete the modern style of your room.

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