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The Andalusian culture has strong roots in Catalonia, and in Barcelona in particular. Many Andalusians emigrated to Barcelona during the second half of the twentieth century, ​​which has caused both cultures to blend. Important events related to Andalusian folklore therefore continue to be organized in different parts of the Catalan autonomous community. One of these events is the April Fair of Seville, one of the most important events in the Andalusian community, and which thousands of people visit every year. Today, ShBarcelona will tell you much more about the April Fair that takes place in Barcelona.

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Feria de Abril, Andalusian culture in Barcelona

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The Feria de Abril is one of the most well-known Andalusian fairs. In the city of Seville, a fair with Andalusian music and folklore is held at the Real de la Feria every year. During this event, a multitude of tents and booths are set up. They serve typical food and drinks, listen to (live) music, dance and sing. Visitors usually come dressed in typical Andalusian style, and you can see horseback riders and horse carriages, and everything is decorated with lanterns and light bulbs of different colors. More or less half a million people visit the Seville fair, and it is usually celebrated two weeks after Holy Week. It is undoubtedly one of the most lively and popular festivals in Spain, where tradition, music and fun are key elements, and that has to do with the open and cheerful nature of the Andalusians without a doubt. This unique event can be found all throughout the Spanish country, at places Andalusians have migrated to in large numbers, as is the case with the Ciudad Condal.

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Barcelona welcomes people from all over Spain, and immigrants have made it their home for many different reasons. Due to this, people from Extremadura, Galicia, Aragon and Andalusia have come to Barcelona, and with them they have brought their traditions and culture. Due to this, it is not surprising that such an important event is also being organized in the Catalan capital. They want to bring a piece of their origin to their new home and share it. As a result, the City Council of Barcelona and the Federation of Andalusian Entities in Catalonia are organizing the 48th edition of the April Fair in Barcelona. The place chosen for this is the Parc del Fórum, located in the Plaza del Fórum, 1. Every year April Fair in Barcelona is a miniature of the original one in Seville, with booths and stalls, music, food, drinks, dancing and lots and lots of fun. It is surely one of the loveliest fairs in Barcelona, ​​with true Andalusian roots. If you have never visited the April Fair, we recommend you do so this year. You can visit the fair from April 26 to May 4, 2019.

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